Protect against Covid-19

Client information sheet

Details of new procedures to protect against transmission of Covid-19



As you will be aware all public places have created new rules for visitors to follow for their safety and the safety of others. Please read through before attending the clinic. If you have any further questions, please let me know.


Social distancing.

We ask all visitors to the clinic to maintain a two metre distance from all other people in the clinic at all times. This has been made straightforward as appointments have been spaced to allow time for an easy entry and exit, so it should be just you and Suzette at any time.

The only exception to this, is at certain times during your treatment, but these times will be kept to a minimum.

For social distancing reasons, unless you require assistance for specific support and care needs, we ask you to come alone for the appointment where possible unless a chaperone, parent or carer is required. Please keep coats and bags to a minimum.

Before arrival

If you or someone you live with develops symptoms of Covid-19 by the time of the appointment, please contact Suzette before attending the clinic.

Entering the clinic
Please use the front door, with the stained glass panels, the New Road entrance will be closed to avoid people walking in.

We have spaced out client arrivals and departures so that all visitors to the clinic can remain socially distanced.

You will receive a specific time for arrival. We would be grateful if you could enter the clinic at exactly that time.

Hand washing 

Please wash your hands immediately upon entering the clinic. You will be directed to the appropriate facilities. Please also wash your hands before leaving the clinic.

Face mask and respiratory hygiene 

We are recommending that patients wear their ordinary masks to the clinic. If you need to sneeze or cough while in the clinic, please do so into a disposable tissue and throw it away immediately. Please wash your hands immediately after doing so.

We are also encouraging cashless payment where possible.

By submitting this form you  

Consent for treatment

I understand that, because my treatment may involve touch and close physical proximity over an extended period of time, there may be an elevated risk of disease transmission, including Covid-19.

Covid-19 Screening

Please take a moment to fill out our screening form before your appointment.