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What is Korean Hand Therapy?

Suzette was taught Korean Hand Therapy by Professor Jong Baik in 2017. She uses KHT in clinic and shows clients how to use it at home to speed the healing process. It is simple, easy to use and VERY EFFECTIVE. As the hands are easily accessible, treatment for the whole body is possible. It’s difficult to massage your own back, but with KHT you can relieve those aches and pains anywhere.

Korean Hand Therapy was developed by Dr. Tae Woo Yoo in 1971 and uses the hand as a microcosm for the whole body. Using the corresponding points on the hand, areas of the body can be treated. KHT is gentle, safe and effective and can be used on a daily basis to assist in reducing pain and healing areas of the body.

Specific points are stimulated on the hands with massage, acupressure discs and magnets. Suzette uses needles and Moxa in a clinical setting, and trains individuals how to use the moxa at home. KHT is very powerful because of the amount of motor and sensory neurons connecting the hand and brain. You can understand this connection when you undo something or tie a bow without seeing what you're doing.

The Video shows Korean Hand Therapy being used with Moxa for lower back pain


I have been visiting Suzette for many years, for various kinds of treatments. She introduced me to Acupuncture and much later to the Korean Hand Patches. I have osteoarthritis in my right hip and have had quite a lot of pain at different times in my hip and lower back. Since Suzy showed me the patches I have been hooked. No pain and no more painkillers.  She gave me a diagram of where to position the patches on my hands, for different pains.   This is something I can do at home on my own. They are brilliant at dealing with pain relief. I put them on at night and wake in the morning without pain. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone. They are not addictive like painkillers but effective.

Margaret - Hove
Carole - Shoreham

Using KHT with acupressure discs and magnets

What is an acupressure disc?

These are small metal discs on plasters. They can be Gold or Silver, each having different qualities. Acupressure discs are easily applied and used to stimulate individual points on the hands for the corresponding part of the body.


What is a magnet used for?

Small magnets can be used on points to increase circulation and have a cooling soothing effect, excellent for painful inflamed joints as in this picture.


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