Sylvia's story of Facial enhancement

agreed to act as a 'model' for facial enhancement by Suzette. This would involve acupuncture and hydrating massage & mask.


I have always until recently, been an acupuncture 'sceptic'.  I have also never been an advocate of 'botox' or trying to hide the fact that my face is now 66 years old!   I would never, also , have previously considered allowing anyone to 'do things' to my face, bar some necessary (in my opinion) post menopausal chin hair removal....(by Suzette only).  So I can say that I am an advocate of 'growing older gracefully but naturally'.


However, upon the invitation to act as 'model', my thinking went something like, "sounds interesting, be nice to get a nice hydrating 'facial' ....then 'acupuncture'  was mentioned, and sounded 'interesting' but caused me to feel hesitant, because I had at some time thought it a bit too 'alternative' for me. However, I decided to go ahead with this on the premise that as well as having been a client of Suzette for a number of years for pedicures,  I  have an affinity toward Suzette based on respect for her qualities as a person, her calm pleasant honest manner, and also great trust in her knowledge, skill and professionalism.. 


Session 1.

I arrived at the clinic, feeling a little nervous, not quite knowing what to expect. There is a wonderful 'grand entrance' to the clinic at the front , with a beautiful stained glass window at the door.....and the welcoming reception tucked just inside....but I love going in via the blue door at the back, sort of like a 'secret' entrance to a 'heaven' or at least a haven, of  subtle clean floral scent, warmth and light.

After an initial consultation where the  necessary information to enable treatment was recorded , I was shown to the treatment bed, where Suzette ensured my comfort, by support to my limbs  where needed and in ensuring an ambient temperature.  Suzette then began to proceed with the acupuncture treatment,by  first cleansing the skin and then inserting the acupuncture needles.

 This is a 'thing' about which I believe many, including myself have had some 'reservations'....I mean, WHO ever, would want to be stuck by needles?!!  (I would now say, that instead of the 'horrific' experience I may have imagined, it is in fact quite pleasant)...and ..it does not hurt. In fact, apart from knowing that these were being inserted because Suzette told me they were, apart from twice, where I felt a tiny bit of 'something' ,  I would not have otherwise known.  


Before commencement of treatment during initial consultation, I had discussed with Suzette my particular problem of having 'dry eyes', which involves very uncomfortable 'squinty' irritated eyelids where I need to instill artificial tear gel into my eyes up to 4 times daily...Suzette explained that acupuncture may be able to provide relief for this...( I was inwardly very sceptical , I was actually expecting ''not very much'' to happen from acupuncture and if it did, well, that would be a 'bonus'.) So for the 'eye'area, Suzette inserted minute fine needles via a small 'gun' into my brow area upon which I had no sensation of any discomfort.


I will not pretend to know much at all about how the treatment works only I think that instead of paralysing  muscles as in 'botox' treatment, acupuncture 'relaxes'  back  tensed up muscles. .I would leave to Suzette, who is a highly trained and skilled practitioner to explain in professional terms.

I then rested,  with acupuncture needles inserted in various parts of my body, ( a few in my legs and arms as well) which were apparently to provide "balance" of energy (again I would leave that for Suzette to explain, as the professional)  and in the process I was feeling extremely comfortable and positive, (by now any anxiety toward  the procedure having totally dissipated). I began to feel 'energized' in some way, clear headed and just very 'nice'. After removal of needles, I was given a most lovely facial massage with a delectable hydrating creme and I felt bright and soothed at once.  

As  previously mentioned, I had no expectation of any particular outcome due to the treatment. So,at first I thought that maybe the fact that my face did look brighter and my eyes felt and looked more 'open' was due to my imagination.....however, later that day after several people I met had commented on "how well I looked" and the fact my eyes were the most comfortable they had been in 3 years....I would have to say that there was a definite physical difference. Added to that, later in the evening, my right eye (the one most affected by the problem), seemed to 'drain' of some 'moisture', after which my eyelid and eye felt 'relieved'. I was surprised and pleased that over the following days, my eyes continued to feel 'open' and comfortable.  Another 'surprise' for me was that the constant gnawing  pain in my left shoulder, that had been disturbing my sleep,  had gone. I slept better than I had in weeks. 


Session 2.

About a week or so later, I attended Suzettes' clinic for another facial enhancement treatment with acupuncture .  This session involved small needle acupuncture to the facial cheeks as well as the eye area.  This time I was not so anxious and actually looking forward to the experience. I experienced the same comfortable relaxation with clarity of mind and eyes. Over the following 2 days, I noticed a more 'youthful vigour' about my cheeks and my eyes felt so good that I found I was 'forgetting'  to instill my eye gel. I had a 'fresher' appearance, like I had had a good holiday. 

I developed 1 little problem, this was entirely my fault, I noticed a slight swelling on the right side of my face by my nose, it hurt to touch and I then recalled that BEFORE the second treatment, I had picked a small what I thought was a blackhead, in that area. It was now a painful spot. I would always say as a retired nurse," NEVER pick your face", as it causes inflammation and at worst an infection. 

 Ok , I hadnt taken my own advice on this occasion....by the time I visited the clinic for treatment no 3, the infection had subsided, but Suzette advised that she would not treat the cheek area with acupuncture due to the possibility that infection may still be lurking. 


Session 3.

Having 'done myself' out of further cheek acupuncture due to my spot of 'blackhead picking' , I found myself comfortably ensconced on the treatment bed again, for session no 3. I was now feeling more confident and was looking forward to the outcome of the treatment.  My face has felt 'brighter ' and my eyes have been really surprisingly comfortable.  

 I write this 3 weeks later, .I am still delighted when I look in the mirror ...I look 'fresh' and healthier. I have to say that I am quite surprised that this treatment has had such a positive effect.  It is a real confidence booster!  With thanks to Suzette King.

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