Client information

April 2021


It is now not necessary, to wear a face mask while visiting Face Facts, however please do so if you have a cough or cold .

Covid - Screening, will no longer be needed, but if you have any COVID symptoms, please rearrange your appointment, to avoid spreading it to others.

Entering the clinic

Please continue to use the front door (Brighton Road), with the stained glass panels. The New Road entrance can be opened if you require, but please request this when booking your appointment.


Continued Hand washing 
Please wash your hands immediately upon entering the clinic. You will be directed to the appropriate facilities.

Enhanced Hygiene measures will continue, with appointments spaced to facilitate this.

Looking after each other

If you or someone you live with develops symptoms of Covid-19 or variants by the time of the appointment, please contact Suzette before attending the clinic.

Thank you for taking care of us all, while we care for you.