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Digestive problems

Acid reflux - Diabetes - IBS


Digestive problems are individual  

Suzette describes how Digestive disorders are treated in her clinic.

Normally  I see clients when their discomfort has reached such a pitch that it is interfering with their everyday life and their usual medications are not helping.


I work with what the client presents me with, when they walk through the door. Digestive problems as with any disease can occur for many different reasons and it's my job to be like a detective and use my skill and experience to work out what’s wrong and bring balance to the body and reduce symptoms.


The digestion can be influenced by a physical condition, as I saw with a heavily pregnant young lady with constipation; an emotional condition, as I saw with an anorexic sufferer, and the side effect of life enhancing medications causing acid reflux. Each one is unique.


In all these cases when you strengthen the client with acupuncture, moxa or other therapeutics the body finds a better balance to sustain itself and symptoms disappear .


Every digestive problem is different according to the individual.


In treating a client I ask for their symptoms which shows the physical and psychological changes a client feels, this is how the disease acts on them. Then I must understand the individuals strengths and weaknesses  ( Pre natal constitution, we all have a unique energetic blue print ) and this is how I understand why the disease is having the impact that it does have on their body. Then using acupuncture, of which there are many different styles, I use the most appropriate one to balance.


Simply put…

2 people catch a cold A & B

A has a runny nose and heavy head, but gets over the cold in 3 days

B has a runny nose and a heavy head, after 3 days has a chesty cough and takes 2 weeks to fully recover.

Its the same cold virus, but A&B have different bodies and need different treatment


We all have different strengths and weaknesses and that is why each treatment is different for each individual for a speedy recovery.


Here a client is given a wellbeing prescription using Korean Hand Therapy. For ease of use these acupressure discs are applied at night before bed and you sleep with them on. In the morning you remove them and repeat the following bedtime until symptoms disappear.

This type of treatment along with the Acupuncture has successfully treated Acid reflux with sore throat, Nausea, Bloating and Anorexia 

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