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Skin Problem?

We have a solution

Our highly skilled therapists use DIBI Milano & OLOS products with their knowledge to revitalise your skin

Pro Cellular


60 Mins

Perfect for delicate, post operative & allergic skin to strengthen & repair.Discover the treatment with Pro-Recovery Silver Serum Mask with an intense recovery action. Stimulating cell longevity, promoting the removal of toxins, for a skin able to repair itself and resist external aggression. 

Filler Code


75 Mins 

Every emotion shows its mark, treat it well with Filler code. A complete architect for the face, using proteins, enzymes and anti oxidents to turn back the clock, guarenteed 5 years younger



90 Mins

Great for a special occasion  Extreme moisturising and nourishing Bio-Revitalising Treatment with 100% pure collagen mask enriched with Hyaluronic Acid that acts like a veritable moisture booster, reactivating the natural function deep down. 

Pure Equaliser


60 Mins 

To minimise blockages, blackheads and pores. This facial reduces redness and inflammation helping to speed the healing process, Leaving the moisturised with a matt effect. 


Lift Creator 

75 Mins

You can't stop time, but you can counteract the signs of ageing on your face, thanks to this innovative facial that combines cosmetic peeling, reforming and lifting.

Super hydration


60 Mins 

Quenches thirsty skin. A high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid moisturises and revitalises the skin.

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture


Consultation - 20 mins - £15, Redeemable

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture can be used to lift and revitalise the face, minimising wrinkles with a "Botox" like effect . A combined approach using Acupuncture and Korean Hand Therapy in a course of treatments, designed especially for you. A consultation is required to ascertain treatment protocol.

To read Sylvia's testimonial click here


Acupuncture and Korean Hand Therapy is also available for Facial Acne, Puffy Eyes and High Colour.

Calm Perfection


60 Mins

Designed for sensitive and reactive skins. This facial gives immediate comfort restoring the skin's barrier and reducing transitory and persistent redness.

Skin Renew 


60 Mins 

The glycolic acid properties help you better exfoliate dead cells and improves the cellular turnover. The skin regains its natural radiance, uniform complexion and better moisturisation. Your face will look more even and smooth.

Olos Delizia di Riso


Time of Ritual 


For pure relaxation - Back massage & Facial

60 Mins

Deep nourishment from the proteins derived from specially selected rice, with a no oxidant ability to fight the ageing process. This facial is suitable for most skins needing nourishment and gives a feeling of deep well-being, especially when combined with its partner spa treatment.

75 Mins 

The alchemy becomes perfect when the ritual meets the treatment. The senses are held captive by the fragrance and massage gestures, while the active ingredients of swiss pine, aloe exract, Rice & Cotton oil and Hemp oil soothe and moisturise and combat free radicals

Hydra One


60 Mins

Start here for a facial which delivers a moisturised glowing skin.

White Science


75 Mins 

For brightening, not bleaching the skin, anti-dark spots, a melanin regulator suitable for all skin tones. Recommended as a course of treatments

Specialist Treatments for a permanent solution to high colour, unwanted hair and skin tags. At Face Facts we have a  wealth of experience to deal with these problems safely. 



15-30 Mins

Electrolysis is a permanent way to remove unwanted hair of any colour. If you haven't had electrolysis with us before please allow us another 15 minutes for us to explain the treatment to you.

!Advanced Electrolysis


30 Mins 

Red veinsMilia or Skin tags can be removed with electrolysis. The treatment is short, effective and permanent

For solutions to skin problems call Face Facts Clinic for a free consultation


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