Specialist Treatments

Specialist Treatments

IPL hair removal

If you are looking for a long-term solution for hair removal, opt for IPL hair removal treatments from 
Face Facts Clinic. We have the latest IPL machine and technology

Unsightly hair removal and IPL treatment

There are many traditional short-term methods of removing unsightly hair such as waxing, shaving, plucking as well as hair creams and gels. However treatments are increasingly being requested by men and women who are not satisfied with short-term solutions and would prefer to eliminate the problem at the root.

Pulsed light technology

Today the best answer available on the beauty care market is pulsed light technology. It is a preferred hair removal method thanks to the quick and fast results guaranteed by the technique.

With our GTS-EpilLux system, the latest in pulsed light technology from Italy's leading provider of beauty equipment, we can offer our customers long-term and effective hair removal.

Why choose us? 

•  Comfort cooling - an almost pain-free treatment
•  Large probe designed to speed up treatment
•  Reducers - for accurate treatment of smaller areas
•  Proven, effective results from the first treatment
•  Competitive prices

How it works

Pulsed light technology works by gradually atrophying the hair bulb so that it can no longer generate the follicle and consequently produce a hair.

The high-intensity polychromatic light generates a thermal stimulus in the melanin in the hair. This is transmitted down the hair to the hair bulb which overheats and the follicle undergoes thermocoagulation, stopping the life cycle of the hair.

The GTS-EpilLux system provides a cutting edge solution for permanent hair removal.

Price List

For IPL hair removal treatments in Shoreham-By-Sea, contact Face Facts Natural Health & Beauty
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